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Thank you so much for considering a GraceRok puppy!

AVAILABLE:  We have an older puppy available to an active family (any children over age 10) with a young small-medium dog that wants a playmate.  Cinder is CKC/AKC/ASCA registered and was imported from an amazing breeder in the US as a show/breeding prospect but didn't quite turn out for our program.  After a great deal of soul-searching we have decided to make her available to the perfect home.  

Cinder is a fun, toy-crazy, playful puppy... at just a year old she's over the crazy puppy stage, has some basic training, great in the car, fully vetted,  good with grooming and baths, plays fetch forever and just loves to parade around with her toys.  View her page here.  

We are planning a Spring/Summer 2024 litter with our beautiful Lyric.  Sire is TBD.  Stay tuned for more exciting updates.  There may be a few spaces available on our puppy list for this litter.  Please complete the Puppy Application to be considered for a spot on our list. 











CKC CH Gracerok More Than Just A Melody and TBD 

Our puppies are:  home raised, trained and socialized with Puppy Culture methods, will be CKC registered and eligible for registration in ASCA.  They will be:

  • vaccinated (first set),

  • fully dewormed,

  • microchipped,

  • from proven Champion pedigrees and health-tested parents,

  • given a puppy packet that includes the

    • contract,

    • vaccination and health record,

    • CAER eye exam clearance,

    • photos of parents and copies of parents' title certificates, and all health clearances,

    • pedigree,

    • a few day's worth of food the puppy was eating,

    • a new toy or two,

    • a blanket/towel with their siblings' scent on it,

    • a collar, leash and

    • access to the Gracerok family facebook group, and 

  • All families receive a demo of grooming tools and techniques, a demo on how to glue ears (if needed), trim nails, and basic training techniques. 


Both parents chosen for breeding would be titled and have stable friendly temperaments, their hips and elbows x-rayed and cleared of dysplasia by OFA, eyes certified by a CAER board-certified ophthalmologist and DNA-tested for common Aussie genetic diseases like Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA), MDR1, PRA, HSF4, PHA, DM, and puppies are health guaranteed against these breed specific issues.

We strive to produce beautiful, healthy puppies with stable temperaments and sound structure that live long healthy lives free of the common diseases that can plague our breed.  Our puppies can excel as loving companions, agility/obedience performance partners or conformation show dogs. 

You can expect a questionnaire, video phone interview, and a puppy visit at 6+ weeks.  We match puppies based on your preferences and goals combined with the personalities and structure of each puppy so be aware that not everyone is guaranteed their color and/or gender preference as the best fit is the most important criteria.  Final selections will be made after the litter is evaluated at the age of 8 weeks.

Australian Shepherds are NOT the breed for everyone, so we will be asking you many questions in order to accurately assess your ability to take on this breed.  Aussies are beautiful and popular so everyone wants one but they are a high drive working breed and require skill to manage, FORMAL obedience or performance training and lots of exercise.  If you want a dog for a walk around the block, to lie under your desk while you work all day, and to sit on the couch, this is definitely not the breed for you.  Please research this breed before considering an Aussie as a dog is a lifetime commitment.  

ALL family members, INCLUDING CHILDREN, will be required to come and meet the puppies and are required to be present at puppy pickup. Puppy pickup is where I walk everyone in great detail through each clause of the contract including formal training requirements, a grooming demo, the required minimal vaccination protocol, Aussie drug and vax sensitivies and and the reasons for late spay/neuter.


All GraceRok puppies go with our support for the life of your puppy!  GraceRok puppy owners become part of our extended dog family. We're here to provide advice on training, behavior, grooming, feeding, exercise, health or just to be your puppy's cheerleader!  Our goal is to set you and your puppy up for success.  We love getting updates on our puppies so much!  We take the puppy back if for some reason it doesn't work out.

A $500 deposit is required to hold a puppy for you on the wait list.  Deposits are not taken until a breeding is confirmed. Puppies from the next litter will be available for $2,900.  Show/performance home puppies will be priced by private contract. 

Puppies are sold on a later spay/neuter contract (24+ mos) with a mandatory minimal vaccination protocol per Dr. Jean Dodds.  All homes are required by contract to take their puppy to an in-person puppy class session and to an adult (6 months+) obedience/manners-type class <please refer to my blog post on training>.

Experienced homes only. We do not ship puppies. You must be able to visit our home and pick up the puppy in person.

You can reach us with questions at

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Lyric Jan 2 test shots LR-2.jpg
Lyric WB Scarb KC major points Mar 12.JPG
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