A beautiful Aussie that is athletic, graceful and sound - built on a solid foundation. That is GraceRok.  Our Aussies are bred to the CKC and ASCA breed standard.

At Gracerok we enjoy conformation, Rally-obedience, and training in agility and herding. Please have a look around and meet me and my Aussies!!

I've been enjoying and competing with Aussies since 2010.  My Aussies are family and my companions first and foremost and show dogs second!  They are not kennel dogs, they live in the house with me, some sleep on my bed, and spend most of their time underfoot. We all love spending time outside playing or training in our 7 acres of scenic meadow, pond, and mixed forest. Their large 3/4 acre fenced dog yard is punctuated by many old red pine trees. I am in the process of clearing walking trails out back for recreation and peaceful meditation.

My dogs are fed a mostly raw diet and a quality kibble occasionally. I follow the Jean Dodds, DVM protocol for minimal vaccinations.


All training is based on the most current, marker-based, positive reinforcement training methods that have been proven by science to be effective and humane...and FUN!

I am a member in good standing:

  • Canadian Kennel Club (CKC)

  • Central Ontario Australian Shepherd Club (COASC) -I am former Vice President2 on the Board of Directors of COASC

  • Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA)

  • Australian Shepherd Club of Ontario (CKC affiliate - ASCO, pending re-registration) - I am a member of the start-up group

I am the founder and organizer of the former 500+ member:

Toronto Australian Shepherd Meetup Group (As of 2021 I have stepped down as lead organizer and the group has been transitioned to a facebook group:  GTA Australian Shepherd Meetup group.

About GraceRok Aussies. 


Continuing Education:

I am committed to remaining curious, teachable and to continuous learning about dog and puppy raising, humane husbandry techniques, positive training, best feeding, and more!  There are always new and/or different ways to do things and I am eager to keep learning and applying that knowledge for the benefit of my dogs.  In addition to my extensive library of books on dogs/training etc, and ongoing online research, I attend as many educational events as I can:


Breed Standard Review and Comparison (CKC and ASCA) with Gail Karamagelos, online 2.5 hours via COASC

Best Practices for Neonatal Puppy Care with Dr. Marty Greer | Webinar | Presented by the Canadian Kennel Club, two evenings


Good Breeder seminar with Myra Savant Harris - care of neonates

Australian Shepherd Breed Seminar Series - Nanette Newbury, online 6 weeks: Breed History, Front Angulation, Rear Angulation, Proportions, Breed Standard, Puppy Evaluation



CKC Breeder Seminar - 2 days online

Handling workshop/seminar w-Emily Burdon 

Australian Shepherd Grooming Pt 1 and 2 - online AJ Tavares w- The Grooming Land

Good Breeder - online webinar with Dr. Hutchinson, DVM w- Good Dog


The Puppy Culture DVD set The Powerful First 12 Weeks That Can Shape Your Puppy's Future



How to Groom the Australian Shepherd - online Moira Cornell

Show to Win - online Moira Cornell

Puppy Puzzle DVD set - Pat Hastings approach to evaluating the structural quality of puppies


All day force-free sheep herding workshop with Kynic Stockdogs

Conformation handling seminar with Will Alexander - post dog show in Ontario


Breed mentoring seminar through COASC with Heather Herron and Ann DeChant


Handle it Right!  Agility handling Regionals prep series with Dante Comacho


Conformation Handling with Bob Rowbotham

Herding Clinic (Sheep and Geese) at TeeCreek Dog Training Center with Kathy Warner

Breeding Better Dogs with Dr. Carmen Battaglia



Understanding Canine Body Language at PawsWay Toronto