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Our Puppy Policies.

​Thank you for considering one of GraceRok's puppies!!


We work hard to produce beautiful, healthy, stable and sound Australian Shepherds that will provide you with a lifetime of love, fun and companionship.  Our versatile puppies can easily go from the couch to the agility field to the herding ring to the show ring.  


Our puppies are available to discerning and well informed, experienced homes after screening and the best fit has presented itself after at least one phone call and an in person meeting of all relevant family members.  Specific puppies cannot be guaranteed until after the in person meeting and evaluation at 8 weeks have taken place because we will make a pick for ourselves and then match to homes based on personalities and preferences of families.  


As a buyer, you should be looking for breeders who only breed health and genetic-tested dogs who are at least 2 years old, who have achieved their conformation and performance titles and have their yearly CERF eye clearances, OFA hip & elbow certifications plus Aussie panel DNA testing results for MDR1,  PRA, HSF4, DM and CEA plus blood test results for PHA.

Price for puppies from this litter:  $3,000.

Puppies older than 9 weeks or young adults will be priced higher to account for the additional costs incurred by GraceRok for training classes, feeding, vaccinations, vet bills, etc.

Puppy Waiting List

 A non-refundable deposit of $200 is now required to secure a puppy from all litters.  The deposit will be deducted from the final payment for your puppy.  

Puppy Buyer Etiquette - PLEASE READ this link which will take you to another page before going further. 

All families interested in joining the waiting list for a puppy from GraceRok will need to fill out a questionnaire: 


Please click on the Word file icon above complete it and email it back to us at so that we can get to know if one of our puppies would be a good fit for your home.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have about us, our breeding program or anything related to Aussies!!

In addition to the questionnaire you can expect at least one telephone interview as part of the approval process so that we can get to know each other better.  When the puppies are at least 5 weeks old families will be encouraged to come and visit to meet the puppies and their mom and see where they are raised in our home.


All prospective puppy homes must have a fenced yard and have dog owning experience...Aussies typically don't make a great 'first' dog.  Preference may be given to experienced show/performance homes.


Final decisions on placement of puppies will be based on the needs of each family and the structure and temperament of the puppy as assessed AFTER a temperament and structural evaluation at 8 weeks to ensure the best fit for each family and puppy.  Usually puppies can't be assigned until after we meet the potential new owners AND after evaluations at 8+ weeks.  We often will present a choice of several puppies to a family to see which one makes a good fit and based on our knowledge of the puppy and each family.


We do NOT match puppies based on color or gender alone. We'll make the first pick of any puppies for ourselves if we plan to keep one to include in our showing and breeding program and then will make our best effort to ensure the best match, including color and gender, for each family's wishes and needs.  We reserve the right to refuse a puppy if we feel that it isn't a good fit.  This is a pretty standard process for most well bred dogs from responsible breeders.  


Puppies will come with:

  • purchase contract,

  • health testing records, registration, pedigrees, and title certificates of both parents,

  • a health record and assessment from the veterinarian,

  • their eyes tested and cleared,

  • all dewormings done, 

  • first set of vaccinations,

  • microchip,

  • a few day's supply of raw dog food, and

  • collar and leash, blanket with litter's scent on it, and toy. 

Expect to spend at least an hour when you come pick up your puppy as we walk through the contract and provide feeding and early training advice and a grooming tool and technique demo.  We want our homes to feel as relaxed, confident and knowledgeable as possible when they take their new puppies home. 

Puppy Raising

We devote a great deal of time and care to the raising of litters here at GraceRok.  Puppies are born and raised in our home and will spend all their time underfoot in our sun-porch by the kitchen, in the kitchen, and the family room loft. 


They will have age-appropriate exposure to adult dogs in the household, normal household noises like cooking, vacuuming, loud music of different genres, television shows and taped sounds like thunder and other noises they need to be calm around as adults.  They'll also be exposed to visiting children during the age-appropriate developmental stages. 


We are proud to be applying most of the amazing Puppy Culture methods to raise our puppies so they will have the best chance of being well adjusted family members in their new homes!  Puppies will have begun some potty training, clicker training including a few cues like sit for attention, nose touch, sit in a box and introduction to a crate and leash/collar.  


All companion puppies will be sold on a late spay/neuter companion contract (i.e., no earlier than 18 months and preferably 2 your research please) and will also include a requirement to attend at least one puppy class and one obedience class with the puppy using positive reinforcement methods.   

We also look for homes that will be willing to try raw feeding and will provide all the information you need to be successful but also ask you to do your research on this as well.  

Contracts will also require a minimal vaccination protocol per Dr. Jean Dodds, a leading expert on vaccines for dogs.  Please research this as your vet will likely need to be convinced.  We will provide you with information on what the protocol is so you can provide this to your vet.


Contracts will require the puppy to be returned to GraceRok if things don't work out...this way we can all work to reduce the number of dogs ending up in the shelter system.

Priorities for all Litters


Health, temperament, structure, breed type and beauty are all of primary importance to any future litter here at GraceRok.

As your breeder, when you buy a puppy from GraceRok you become a member of our extended 'puppy family'.  We are happy to continue to be a friend and reference point to provide you with any advice and tips on anything you need related to your puppy for the life of your puppy.  You will be taking a piece of our hearts with you when you drive off with one of our puppies.  


If we don't have any puppies available, I would be very happy to refer you to another responsible Australian Shepherd breeder who shares the same ethics and priorities in their breeding program as us.


​Please also consider an Aussie rescue (see links page for links to some local rescues).

JOIN GRACEROK ON FACEBOOK for real-time updates on the litters!! 

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Ditto, pic from Keli Gaunt
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