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Puppy Photos

Jackson x Addy

The Dance For Joy litter born May 2

Candids Photos 5 Weeks Old

I will try to get some action photos's hard to get them when I'm wrangling the whole group myself so the sleeping pics are much easier, lol!!!


Lyric (Lyrical)

Sweet and spunky, Lyric is cute and she knows it


Lindy (Lindyhop)

Lindy is all girl and ready to capture your heart


Graham (Martha Graham)

Understated and a quiet rebel, Graham is a trusting soul


Samba (on left)

Super chill and ready for adventures with a fun sense of humour


Foxtrot (on Right)

Flashy dude, drivey and demanding this boy knows what he wants and how to get it



Handsome and he knows it.  This boy is a docile and trusting soul but can also be assertive when he needs to be



Dashing boy, literally, it's hard to keep up with this dude.  He was the last born and a surprise puppy --and he's determined to be the first at everything else.  This boy is a character and so handsome to boot

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